wife and kids away for the week

all alone as I type this after a long day , managed to confuse the dates that the clocks changed back so woke up thinking it was 6.30 am when it was in fact 7.30 am wouldn’t have been so bad except for the late night the previous night when my friend and i played wow until 3.30 am

after leaving his house at about 2pm i drove back the 80 or so miles to a empty and very quiet house, no kids arguing no wife screaming at the kids to be quiet and no dog barking at every person that walks past the house.. some would say was bliss no fights over the TV remotes , i actually got to watch what i wanted to on TV

anyway feeling tired so going to have an early night as alarm clock will just be the normal one without the wife to prod and cajole me to get up for work..

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